Our Approach

Integrated academic and social-emotional learning

NCS engages diverse and complex young people as whole human beings. Through socially- and academically-integrated instruction that is personalized and active, and through a challenging and arts-infused curricula, we develop knowledgeable and skillful leaders. New City students, becoming culturally sophisticated collaborators and problem-solvers, also become agents of change and citizens of what we hope to become a New, more just and sustainable, City. Academic and social-emotional learning go hand in hand. Integrated intentionally, they support each other, engaging students in inquiry and productivity gradually growing their intrinsic motivations. The New City approach targets academic gains while encouraging human development in all its variety.


 Program Goals

  • Teach an ethnic and socioeconomic mix of students in an urban setting.
  • Focus on a core curriculum that students will address critically and with depth.
  • Utilize instruction which is differentiated and challenging, active, arts-infused, interdisciplinary, and inquiry-based
  •  Model applied social and academic skills in collaboration with the larger community
  •  Launch students into the world as confident, competent, and socially responsible citizens.
  •  Share best practices with the education community by hosting workshops and trainings on the integration of social and academic learning, for pre and in-service educators.

Our Beliefs in Children

We believe that children want to be good and do their very best at school. To help children succeed, we must teach them how to behave at school and handle the variety of situations a school day presents. When working with children, we do not assume they know how to behave in every situation. However, we are committed to teaching children caring ways to treat themselves, the people around them and the materials they use. We know children need many opportunities to practice both academic and social skills. We see children as curious problem solvers. They want to actively engage with their world and be included in solving problems that involve them. Children want to put their hands on materials and their engagement is higher when they have the power to make choices about their learning. To learn deeply, children must learn to construct their knowledge. They need time and space to explore a concept and to build meaning from their experiences. We create lessons in which children connect prior knowledge to a concept or skill, gather new information, have an opportunity to meld their past experiences with this new information and then reflect on their learning. Children are social beings that learn best with others. To achieve and grow, children must feel safe. They need to feel a sense of significance and belonging in their learning community. Children want to experience joy in all that they do.

All School Morning Meeting