Building Community

Community meetings

Every day New City School begins with a morning circle meeting to cultivate relationships, teach social skills, and develop cultural competencies students need to succeed with others and be leaders in a New City. Through our meetings, students and teachers become known to each other as learning partners. Daily community-building and social skills development sets students up for success in content area learning across the day.

Morning Meeting

Morning Meeting is a daily structure designed to build community in the classroom.  With a friendly greeting, time to share about their lives, playful activities and important announcements, children get ready for a day of social and academic learning.  In Morning Meeting, children practice social skills like maintaining focus and self-control, asking thought-provoking questions, making caring comments, listening intently, shaking hands in a friendly manner, asserting opinions, and finding their place in the community. MornMeeting

All School Meetings

To build community school-wide, children at New City have the opportunity to participate in our All School Meeting.  2-3 times per month the entire school gathers in our common space to greet one another, enjoy games, sing songs, make decisions, and practice social skills.  Staff members team up to plan and lead these meetings. IMG_6037

Paired Classrooms Workshare

In addition to All School Meetings, each classroom pairs up with another to share a project they have been working on with each other. Workshare happens a few times each year giving students a chance to proudly present what they have been working on in their class. It also helps them build their presentation skills and keeps students of different grade levels in touch with what other classes are working on. Groupshare1   Groupshare2

Outdoor Play

Building community happens outside the building as well as inside.  At the beginning of the year, teachers plan structured activities for children on our playground.  Children play group games that build skills of cooperation rather than competition.  We believe that children need physical activity before they eat, so children play hard before lunch.  As the year progresses, students have more and more choices about their play.