Staff and Contact

Contact Information

  • Phone: 612-623-3309
  • Fax: 612-623-3319
  • Transportation: 612- 668-2300
Mr. Jit Director KG-8 Grade
Mr. Todd Principal
Ms. Mary Staff Development and Peer Coaching
Ms. Kim Office Administrator
Mr. Otis Lunchroom Supervisor
Mr. Frank Custodial Manager
Ms. Emily Social Worker
Ms. Dinah In-House Substitute
Mr. Jeremy Kindergarten jeremy@newcitycharterschool.orgKindergarten Web Page!
Ms. Blair Kindergarten Kindergarten Web Page!
Ms. Kalli First/Second
Ms. Kirsten First/Second
Ms. Anne First/Second
Ms. Marcy Third
 Ms. Melissa  Fourth/Fifth
Ms. Jen Fourth/Fifth
Ms. Angela MS Social Studies
Mr. Dave MS Math
Mr. Blake MS Language Arts
Ms. Lauren Science
Ms. Peg– Art
Mr. Andy K8 Art/Language
Ms. Sarah Music K-4
Mr. David Music 5-8
Ms. Kate Special Education
Mr. Nick ELL
Ms. Brianna SpEd Education & Administrative Assistant
Mr. Josh Educational Assistant
Ms. Ana Educational Assistant/Spanish Interpreter
Ms. Zahra Educational Assistant/Somali Interpreter
Ms. Christine Media and Literacy Support
 Ms. Ashly  OT Specialist
 Mr. Kevin  Special Education

Faculty Handbook 2014-15 Nepotism Policy