Informacion y Contactos

Contactos e Informacion

  • Telefono: 612-623-3309
  • Fax: 612-623-3319
  • Transporte: 612- 668-2300

Ms. ArielleFirst/Secondarielle@newcitycharterschool.onmicrosoft.comMs.

Mr. Jit Director KG-8 Grade
Mr. Todd Principal
Mr. Xue Dean of Students
Ms. Mary Staff Development and Peer Coaching
Ms. Kim Office Administrator
Mr. Otis Lunchroom Supervisor
Mr. Frank Custodial Manager
Ms. Emily Social Worker
Mr. Jeremy Kindergarten jeremy@newcitycharterschool.orgKindergarten Web Page!
Ms. Breanna Kindergarten
Ms. Kalli First/Second
Ms.Arielle First/Second
Ms. Kirsten First/Second
Ms. Robyn Third
Ms. Abby Third
 Ms. Natalie  Fourth/Fifth
Ms. Kallie Fourth/Fifth
Ms. Joni MS Language Arts
Ms. Jodi MS Math
Mr. Michael MS Social Studies
Ms. Caitlin Science
Ms. Kim 4-8 Art
Mr. Andy K8 Art/Language
Ms. Sarah Music K-4
Mr. David Music 5-8
Ms. Shawn Special Education
Mr. Nick ELL
Ms. Ana Educational Assistant/Spanish Interpreter
Ms. Zahra Educational Assistant/Somali Interpreter
Ms. Christine Media and Literacy Support
 Ms. Elise  OT Specialist
 Mr. Kevin  Special Education

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