Music Assignments Spring 2016

May 4th-
April 6th Week Assignment: 
Unit 5A
  • Track 52: Listen to the melody and bass line to Lightly Row 3 times
  • Track 53: Sing the melody along with this track. Repeat and sing the bassline
  • Track 54: Melodic Patterns, Get your instrument and echo the patterns on C-LA and SI (Trombones and Percussion) or D-LA and SI (Trumpets) Check page 9 if you forgot the fingering/slide position/note position for those notes
  • Track 55: Same thing as 54 but use all the notes now
  • Track 56 and 57: Just listen to these two songs
  • Track 58: Play the melody to Minor Duple, Start on DO
  • Track 59: Play the melody to Minor Triple, Start on DO