Events 2015-16

Rose Ceremony We marked the beginning of the 2015-16 school year by honoring our incoming Kindergarteners with the annual Rose Ceremony! Each year, 8th grade students present the year’s Kindergarten class with crafted roses to welcome them into our school community. The 8th graders will receive the roses back at the end of the year during their graduation ceremony. RoseCeremony RoseCeremony2   Aboretum Our entire New City community went on the first field trip of the year to the Minnesota Arboretum on Friday, October 2nd. We had a blast learning about pumpkins, fruit vegetables, and other MN plant life. Did you know that the world record pumpkin weighed 2323 pounds? Or that corn is actually classified as a fruit? Those are just a couple of the things we learned on our Arboretum excursion. IMG_1336 IMG_1328 Fall Festival Our annual fall festival always brings a smile to the faces of students, staff and parents. Thanks to our wonderful parent organization, the New City Circle, for setting up and running the event! Events this year included games, snacks, and prizes for our entire student body! FF3 FF2 FF1