Minnehaha Falls- All School Field Trip

We enjoyed our last All School Field Trip of the 2013-2014 School Year on June 3rd to Minnehaha Falls.  The students were able to hike with their classes and explore the area in the morning.  In the afternoon we came together as a school and had many different activities planned.  It was a great way to end our year and enjoy being together! Parachutes Jump Rope 4-square All School Ships Across the Ocean Hula Hoop


Art a whirl is an art festival that takes place every year in Northeast Minneapolis. This year at New City School, festivities included face painting, arts and crafts, food and live music.IMG_0467 IMG_0470 IMG_0474

Music Workshare


Students K-8 came together on Thursday may 15th to share the music they have been working on this year in front of the whole school. The performances included singing, dancing, and instruments.IMG_0460



All-School Meetings

All school morning meetings happen almost every other Friday at New City.  It is a time for our whole community to come together and engage in a morning meeting.  The students greet each other, share with classmates from other age groups, do an activity and build stronger connections in our community.  Here are some peeks at what this great tradition looks like at our school! All School Morning Meeting  Student Lead Activity Movement!