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New City School Board Elections--January 12, 2022

New City School Board elections will be held on January 12, 2022. All seats are up for election/re-election. The New City Bylaws state that the board must have a minimum of five (5) members, including at least one (1) NCS teacher; one (1) NCS parent, and one (1) community member (non-parent/non-employee). The maximum number of members should not exceed nine (9). The NCS Board Elections Policy states that all candidates (current board members as well as prospective board members) must notify the Executive Director in writing (this may include an email with a clear statement of intent and clear identification of the candidate) at least 21 days prior to the Board Elections (the deadline for notification is December 22nd, 2021). See eligibility requirements below. 

Board members are required by the charter school authorizer to receive training within six months of election or appointment in three areas: 1) charter school governance; 2) finance; and 3) employment law. Currently, New City holds five meetings per year in September, November, January, April, and June. Ability to attend a two-three hour meeting at these times (typically from 5:00 to 7:30/8:00) is essential. In addition, all board members serve on at least one committee. 

The Election will be conducted at the beginning of the January 12, 2022 board meeting by the Executive Director using paper ballots cast by those eligible voters present at the Board Election or who submitted an absentee ballot in person to the Executive Director prior to the Election.

Eligibility Requirements: An individual is prohibited from serving on the Board if: 

  1. the individual, an immediate family member, or the individual's partner is a full or part owner or principal of an entity with whom the school contracts, directly or indirectly, for services, goods, or facilities; or 
  2. an immediate family member is an employee of the school;
  3. the individual is under the age of 21 the day of the election;
  4. does not consent to a criminal background check (if the background check reveals adverse findings, the Board may, after consultation with the authorizer, disqualify the candidate);
  5. the individual is a convicted sex offender.

Meeting Dates for 2021-2022 School Year (5:00-8:00pm)

  • September 15th
  • November 10th
  • January 12th
  • April 13th
  • June 1st

New City School Board of Directors

The board at New City School meets quarterly, and meetings are open to the public. New City School parents, guardians, and staff choose the individuals who govern the operation of the school. The charge of the school board is to oversee all aspects of the school’s mission, goals, and operations. You can email the board at

Parent Representative – Kati Cunningham – Chair –

Parent Representative – Erin Green –

Parent Representative – Amanda Halbersma –

Community Representative – Vincent Esades –

Teacher Representative – Abby Mandell –

Teacher Representative – Michael Hickel –

Director – Todd Bartholomay, Ex-Officio –