Mission, Vision & History

Our Mission

New City School will create a learning community that is diverse, knowledgeable, thoughtful, and caring. We will serve as a demonstration site for best practices in the integration of social and academic learning.

Our Vision

New City School is a supportive community which actively engages students to build knowledge, ask meaningful questions, design creative solutions, open their minds, care for themselves and their community, and become skilled, responsive citizens in the world.

Our History

New City School was founded in 2003 by a group of ambitious educators who understood that every learner is a unique human being and that social and emotional learning is just as essential as academic learning. This approach to schooling involved the adoption of Responsive Classroom and Developmental Designs principles and practices, the creation of an arts-rich learning environment, daily and intentional cultivation of the school community, and an approach to student discipline focused on growth and learning.

Over the last decade, New City’s K-8 program, enrollment, and offerings have grown gradually and intentionally. Arts residencies, expeditions, personalized learning experiences, and community-building are all routine dimensions of school life. New City staff monitor and adopt best practices that improve our students’ growth and achievement. New City students routinely exceeded the resident district in all areas on the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments and exceed the state in reading and science. New City continues to refine its offerings and learning systems to enhance the quality of its small-school experience.