Staff Directory

Todd Bartholomay Executive Director
Joe Cole Director of Teaching and Learning
Andrew Granias Director of Operations
Jane Ojile Director of Student Culture and Support
Mary Spohr Staff Development Lead
Malia Nzara Special Education Coordinator
Ashley Davis Office Manager
Ana Robles Before School Care & Nutrition Manager
Jeremy Nellis Kindergarten Teacher
Ellie Menso Kindergarten Teacher
Rachel Olson First Grade Teacher
Sarah Gacek First Grade Teacher
Kirsten Holmquist Second Grade Teacher
Emily Shaw Second Grade Teacher
Thomas Amon Third Grade Teacher
Abby Mandell Third Grade Teacher
Kyelaya Rostron Fourth Grade Teacher
Rachel Lux Fourth Grade Teacher
Kelsey Garcia Fifth Grade Teacher
Paige Russell Fifth Grade Teacher
Kallie Nelson Sixth Grade Teacher
Kaylena Greenwell Sixth Grade Teacher
Nate Zell Middle School English Language Arts Teacher
Michael Hickel Middle School Social Studies Teacher
John Greiling Middle School Science Teacher
Ven Anderson Middle School Math Teacher
Elizabeth Drobinski Middle School Spanish Teacher
Jules Brose Math Intervention and Data & Tech Lead
Deidre Greene K-4 Art Teacher

Robyn Char Theater Teacher & Enrichment Coordinator
Sarah Olson Music Teacher
Jenna Lamb K-8 Physical Education Teacher
Cassidy Sather K-5 Special Ed. Teacher
Nick Pierce English Language Learners Teacher
Christine Hirsch Title 1 Reading Interventionist
Mohamed Farah Somali Cultural Liaison & EA
Brianna Evans Social Worker
Emily LaRenzie Occupational Therapist
Stefanie Christenson Speech Therapist
Tara Meyer School Nurse